Year in Review: 2017

2017 was wild.

I started the year in Washington, D.C. working with AARP and their incredible staff. Today, I am sitting in my apartment in Astoria, working as a freelancer in NYC. 2017 was a year of risks for me, all of which I am so happy I made. I moved to my favorite city in the world to pursue my career. I successfully freelanced for many of my dream publications and continued to work on stories that fuel my fire. 2017 was my most challenging year in which I really grew the person and artist I want to be.

Below are my moments from 2017.

Freelancing, is a journey. 

In May, I moved to NYC unsure of how freelancing would go. I feel like there isn't much that can prepare you to take the leap, so I just dove on in. There were good months and bad months. Days where I was truly in love with that I was doing and many others on my couch emailing editors and watching Grey's Anatomy. Overall, I love what I do. I enjoy working for different publications, having the time to work on stories that need it. Something they don't tell you, it's a little lonely, and I have to really put in effort to make sure I have a work-life balance. Luckily, I have incredible friends, mentors, and my family close by whenever I need them. Here are some of my favorite images from assignments.

Personal Work.

A huge lesson for me back in 2016 was how important it is to make personal work. So in 2017, I was eager to get back to working on the stories I love the most. I did a lot of traveling this year to work on Tanner and Davids work as well as catch up with the quadruplets. 

Throughout 2017 I made frequent trips to upstate, N.Y. to document Tanner and David's story. I feel incredibly honored to be able to do so and cannot wait to their story with you in the new year once the first chapter concludes. 


I was able to visit the quadruplets every few months this year. Each time I visit, I love seeing how much they continue to grow into themselves. They remind me to have fun, smile more, and watch more Disney movies.

jmm-2017-09-01-227 copy.JPG


New York Fashion Week was a dream for me. What seems like forever ago, I actually wanted to be a fashion designer. I was taking classes at FIT, sketching constantly. I wasn't very good. NYFW was something I always hoped to be a part of. So when Elizabeth Bristow gave me a call and asked if I wanted to shoot it, I had to seriously play it cool and contain my excitement. I hung up the phone, and did a happy dance then called my mom. The experience was incredible and I'm beyond excited for the next one.

Anderson Ranch+ Women Photograph

I am fortunate to have been chosen to participate in two incredible mentorships programs. One through the Anderson Ranch with Ed Kashi and Jim Estrin where I am working with 13 other incredibly talented photographers who I learn from, lean on, and love deeply. 

The other mentorship is through Women Photograph with my mentors Chelsea Matiash and Paula Bronstein which I am thrilled to be a part of! Thank you Daniella Zalcman and Mallory Benedict. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 4.54.24 PM.png

The Well.

This year I was brought on by Northwell Health to be their photographic creative director and photographer for their new website, The Well. I am excited to say I will continue to work with them part-time in 2018 telling important patient stories that are affecting millions everyday. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 5.08.34 PM.png

Overall 2017 was one of the best years of my life, but I'm ready to take on 2018.