Saying Goodbye

10 weeks. 95 assignments. 1 incredible internship.

August 5, 2016 was my last day at the IndyStar. Going into the internship I wasn't sure I was capable of producing daily work. I had never worked for a daily newspaper and if I'm being completely honest, I wasn't even sure I would even like it. As someone who documented stories throughout most of college, I was used to really getting into peoples' stories. I wasn't sure how shooting sports, news, and daily events would be. 

The IndyStar was an important chapter in my life. It allowed me to prove to myself that I was capable of shooting and producing various types of work. I found intimacy in places I never thought I would. I fell in love with shooting daily assignments, working with a reporter and team. It allowed me to act as my own editor, to think of things for print and online additions for the first time. Things I had learned about throughout college but never personally experienced. 

The summer had it's ups and downs. I was for the most part alone.

I had moved to  place I had never been to. Very different from anywhere I had every been before. This allowed me to focus on me, what I wanted and needed. It was a truly incredible growing experience. Something I think everyone should do for at least a short part of their lives. I learned so much about myself this summer. What I want to be in life, somethings that I don't, what is important to me, what I need verses things I want. 

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the Pulliam Family as well as the staff at the IndyStar for helping me grow. I was lucky to work under a fantastic editor that made sure I had diverse assignments. To a mentor who looked out for me from day one to even now when I don't work there. To a team who helped with edits, gave pep talks, and endless advice to push me to succeed. And lastly, to a group of interns who made Indy feel like home for just a little while.