This past month has been crazy. Yesterday was the first day I had off in quite some time. It gave me a chance to really reflect on this past month. Within a week, I finished finals, graduated from RIT, packed up my life in Rochester, moved to Indiana and started working at the Indy Star. 

To say I wasn’t scared of this next chapter would be a lie. There is something terrifying about knowing no one, going to a new place, and starting a new experience. However, there was something exciting about it as well.

Being thrown into work right away was a little overwhelming, something I think many people relate to who start something new. This past week I have learned so much already. As someone who never worked in a newsroom like this, it was a huge eye-opener. 

I learned nothing could have really prepared me for how a newsroom really operates. There is nothing more RIT could have taught me to really explain what it would be like. It’s something you need to dive head first into and just pray you learn to swim fast once you hit that water. It’s all an experience, learning on the spot, problem solving, asking questions, and making mistakes. 

With all of this said, many keep asking how I am, how I like it here, how’s the fellowship?

Right now, I’m good,  work is great- I am thrilled to make pictures everyday.  It’s a little lonely not knowing anyone just yet. I talk and am surrounded by people all day capturing their moments, but I haven’t had the chance to make many of my own just yet. Something I think I will do once I’m a little more settled. Indianapolis reminds me a lot of Rochester, something I find very comforting. I think this summer overall is one I will never forget and I’m excited to see what’s in store for me.