Photos of the Month: June

June was the month of firsts for me. Once the Indy 500 ended, I was thrown into daily assignment work, something that was both new and exciting for me. I learned new lessons with the help of trial and error. I had to mess up on my own to learn from it. I found myself second guessing myself in the beginning, "over-shooting" as I used to call it in college.

I was thrown into a lot of sports. Throughout college I found that sports lacked intimacy to me personally. I would always see it in professionals work such as Al Bello, but I never found my eye could capture the sports in a way that made me felt how I did while working on a story. 

Lesson One: Get out of your comfort zone.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the part where I admit my college professor was right (shoutout to William Snyder!) I always thought I sucked at sports and he used to say," Of course you do, you never shoot them!." Now, I see the intimacy, and I see how something as simple as a sporting event means everything to the athletes and their families. 

Lesson Two: Intimacy is all around us. 

As the month progressed, I found myself more comfortable out shooting. The IndyStar is the first daily paper I have had the pleasuring of working with. The photography staff has been really supportive and helpful to me, which I truly appreciate. 

I found myself a little lost in the daily work and was dying to begin a story. I didn't want to work on something that I wasn't passionate about. Through much waiting, I met a hard of hearing amateur professional wrestler named Drew Meade or his wrestling name, Fiji Wildman. I will share that story once I am done working on it! 

Lesson Three: Patience, Patience, Patience.